There Are Plenty Of Sparks at New Cabaret at SteelStacks

“There was no molten steel Thursday evening at the Fowler Blast Furnace Room at SteelStacks, but the sold out crowd who came to hear singer Lynnie Godfrey with Dave Roper at the piano basked in the cozy warmth of soft, orange lighting and candlelight. There were no glowing ignots but plenty of sparks.

The room with its candlelit round tables…was transformed into a romantic cabaret as Godfrey sang jazz standars and American Songbook classics.

Godfrey,a smoldering firecracker just waiting to explode is a sassy stylist who used her remarkable deep creamy voice to milk each song for all it’s worth.

And what a voice it is, somewhere south of Sarah Vaughn, north of Eartha Kitt and definitely east of Tenth Avenue.

Godfrey can boom with the best of Broadway or purr like a kitten, as the song requires. Erroll Garner’s “Misty” and Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life” were two standouts where she exercised her full vocal range dipping from female baritone lows to mezzo soprano highs with loving ornamentation.

Godfrey enthralled with her teasing delivery of Cole Porter’s “Let’s Do It” and senuously whispered through “It Had To Be You”. The Rodgers and Hart classic “My Romance” was cool and breathy spiked with some barely contained outbursts of Godfrey’s inner Ethel Merman.
Every bit an entertainer Godfrey endeared herself to the crowd talking about the history of the songs and engaging in cheerful banner with Dave Roper”….

…..Steve Siegel, Morning Call

Lynnie Godfrey is firmly in the cabaret tradition of the great Bobby Short, a consummate draamatic storyteller in song. A superb entertainer who makes you feel the songs. She specializes in the Songs of Gershwin and Porter, Berlin and Lorenz Hart, but is comfortable enough with her own supreme talent to present her audience with both some lost gems and a few new compositions she’s discovered. She could safely play any room in the world and make it her own. An evening with Lynnie Godfrey is an unforgettable excursion into the higher realms of the performing arts.

…..G.Bruce Boyer, Town and Country

Lynnie Godfrey is Ella, Lena, Biliie, Sarah and other great singers wrapped into one…but always the inimitable Lynnie superb vocal styling that has the power to move you to the very center of you soul.

…..Don Arrington, writer, producerr