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Lynnie Godfrey is launching her new Blog Talk Radio program: LYNNIE GODFREY STRAIGHT NO CHASER. It airs on March 31, 2021 @ 7 PM EST with the incomparable MELBA TOLLIVER, journalist and National Network Anchor.  Ms. Tolliver will demonstrate her masterful questioning technique in Part 1. In Part 2 ..Ms. Tolliver will be her Guest again on … Read More...


Last year, Lynnie Godfrey held auditions and formed the Allentown Children's Chorus. It was a CHORUS that was compiled of Children of the Allentown Public School System. They rehearsed the school semesters and were graciously treated to the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival's Marvelous production of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. The CHORUS, during the fall of 2018 then performed with Ms. Godfrey at the Allentown Symphony, their own Christmas Concert at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church and appeared on WFMZ in the Fall of 2018. Unfortunately, Ms. Godfrey could not convince the Allentown School System that the students should continue their successful road participating in the Arts. In spite of a $0.00 budget (Ms. Godfrey never charged a penny) and a staff that consisted of a pianist that would also work for nothing the project did not happen in 2019.
For the future ...Ms Godfrey hopes to one day be able to repeat her efforts to bring Art and Music to the children of Allentown.